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    • Support synchronous wired and wireless charging: add a built-in 5 v 1 a and a built-in support 5 v 2.1 a USB output port cable charging smartphone devices, with wireless charging can at the same time operating three machines at the same time.
    • Rapid and Smart Charging: Each of the two USB ports automatically detects optimal charging speed for Android or Apple devices, with the included 2-in-1 Lightning + Micro-USB charging cable.
    • Power shows: the LED indicacators will be to % with Numbers when it is changing the and to 100% when it is fully changed.
    • Stylish design with built-in safety flashlight. Compact form fits into any bag, backpack, purse or pocket.
    • auto-off preserves battery charge. Digital display indicates exact level of charge. Perfect battery pack for everyday use, travel, camping or hiking, emergencies, commuters and families.

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